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Dearest friends:

After two solid years of rejection by printers both domestic and international due to its unsavory stew of hate, gore, and porn, ANSWER Me!: All Four Issues FINALLY found a print shop way, way WAY in the Far East that was willing to tackle the job.

There is no way to describe this new edition other than SUPER-ULTRA MEGA-DELUXE. It differs from all previous ANSWER Me! anthologies in the following crucial ways:

  • It's the first to feature a hyper-macho HARD COVER with lovingly stitched binding, meaning that this version, which weighs nearly five pounds, is essentially indestructible, no matter how many times your family members and girlfriend try to destroy it.
  • The interior is printed on high-quality, creamy, GLOSSY paper for supreme tactile pleasure and maximized reading enjoyment.
  • There's a new six-page intro by your indefatigable Uncle Jimbo Goad.
  • Here's the biggie–every last page of this new edition has been rendered in FULL SCREAMING COLOR! All of the original black-and-white line art has been hand-colored by original ANSWER Me! artists. All of the original grey halftone photos have been tinted or otherwise colorized with an array of digital tricks. All of the headlines and other graphic doodads have had color lovingly sprinkled upon them. It's one giant orgasm of color. It adds an entirely new lurid level to ANSWER Me!

Every super-sexy hardcover glossy colorized book you order ALSO comes with the following EXTRAS:

  • A fully COLORIZED version of The RAPE Game! from ANSWER Me! #4.
  • Glossy color two-sided cardboard sheets of the PREDATOR and PREY cards (originally pages 65-68 from issue #4).
  • A full reprint of the extremely rare 32-page 1994 hoax zine Chocolate Impulse, in which Jim and Debbie Goad posed as an interracial lesbian couple from Kentucky who hated Jim and Debbie Goad.

Books will be sent wrapped in a bubble envelope encased inside a rigid cardboard mailer for maximum protection. You will receive an email with tracking number once I mail your book. If you are not completely satisfied by this product, you were born without a soul.

Every edition of ANSWER Me! sells out and becomes a collector's item far more valuable than its original cover price. Friends, you're not just buying a book—you're investing in your future. This is a limited edition. All copies signed by Jim Goad.

Hardballs ANSWER Me! T-Shirt


I do a weekly two-hour video show called HARDBALLS on a website that has been so maligned, censored, and deplatformed that it isn't even safe to type its name, because apparently the Hate Bots will intercept it in their Hate Nets and kill the link before it even reaches your inbox. I think it's still safe to phoneticize the site's name, so here goes: CEN-SORED DOT TEE VEE. Take a look around the site—you should be able to see some five-minute previews of my show as well as previews of all the other shows on there.

Yearly subscriptions are $100, but you get a massive FIVE FUCKING DOLLARS off if you use the code “GOAD” when you subscribe.

IF YOU ACT NOW, you will ALSO get a free ANSWER Me! T-shirt—a $20 value—when you email me proof that you've subscribed for a year using the “GOAD” code. (Email me and I'll explain how to provide the proof. This paragraph has already gone on for way too long.)

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